All of our trips to see Parrots in the Wild benefit either the local economy and/or the ongoing parrot/ecology projects in these regions directly or indirectly.

However we have an ongoing project of our own in collaboration with REGUA in the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil.

We have visited this area a number of times and it has become very clear that REGUA are doing a brilliant job at preserving and extending this reserve in the Atlantic Rainforest concentrating on all aspects of conservation and it is with their consent and guidance that we at Wild Parrots Up Close have undertaken to help the parrots of this region in what ever way we can.

We have already done several short assessments of the area while visiting in February 2005, November 2005 and November 2006 which have led to a dedicated Parrot Survey lasting 4 weeks in November/December 2007. A short report of this survey can now be seen on the Parrot Survey Page .

We are currently putting together all the survey results and they will be produced in a website in the near future.

We have also commissioned a Log Book for parrot sightings at Regua. The idea is that all visitors to Regua have access to this book to be able to put in their experiences with parrots giving species, location, types of food eaten, etc. so that we can include these within our statistics giving a much broader picture of the Parrots across Regua.

We are going back to Regua  to continue with the observations. Donations can be made towards the various projects we have on the go at REGUA.

REGUA (Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu) is a 25000 acre reserve 2 hours drive North east of Rio de Janeiro dedicated to conserving this part of the Atlantic Rainforest. It is a NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) which is planting in the region of 20000 trees per year to reinstate the land that was selectively logged and crop farmed. To date land that had been drained for cattle grazing has successfully been reverted to a wetland area and Red Billed Curassows and Piping Guans have been successfully reintroduced amongst numerous other projects that can be seen on their website

REGUA is a charity registered with the Brazilian Government.

WILD PARROTS UP CLOSE intends to finance as much of the continued surveys and studies of parrots at REGUA as possible.

If you would like to donate towards this work or if you would like to be involved then please contact myself Steve Brookes and please check out our Donations page to see what we are putting money towards next.



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