Whilst having an interest in Wildlife as far back as I can remember it wasn’t until 1987 when we moved to a property with large gardens that we were able to start our parrot collection.

This developed very quickly from the initial Australian Parakeets to eventually keeping and breeding many Neotropical Parrots including Macaws, Conures, Parakeets and Parrots of which one the Red-capped Parrot (Pionopsitta pileata), which I went on to breed to several generations, was to be one of the major influences on my future travel escapades.

After a chance of a trip to Brazil, visiting the Pantanal and Amazon in 2000 with the eminent Danish aviculturist Peter Them, I decided that Travel and Parrot Watching was to be the future and after downsizing to live on a narrowboat, on the canal system in the UK, this became achievable.

Several years of research and journeys led me to my first Parrot Watching Trip by my company ‘Wild Parrots Up Close’ in 2004 to the Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil in a quest to find the Red-capped Parrot in the wild amongst all the other Parrots, Birds and Wildlife of the area. Although we saw many Parrots the Red-capped Parrot eluded me on this first trip however I was not to be beaten and the following year had an amazing encounter with these special Parrots that will remain with me for life.

I still love to see this Parrot every time I go to the Atlantic Rainforest, which is frequent, but now my trips have taken me through many countries and habitats within South and Central America and the Caribbean watching many Macaws and Parrots as well as lots of other birds and wildlife allowing my clients numerous opportunities to Photograph, Video or just Observe all that we encounter.

My trips are now extending further afield as we travel to Australia in 2014.

Over the years through my research and contacts I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge as to where and when to see particular Parrots in the wild. I use a number of local guides, drivers and boatmen to achieve the best sightings and experiences possible for everyone on my trips. This also helps local economies.

On every trip I try to visit at least one conservation project which can sometimes be a direct Parrot Project or a Habitat/Land Project, which ultimately protect all the Parrots within that project area.

Whilst I have travelled on these adventures I have been accumulating a record of all that I see with my Photography work and have been fortunate enough to have photos and articles published in many magazines, books and websites around the world. 

I have spoken at many different events in various countries about my trips showing many of the extraordinary encounters that I have captured with my photography. I am available for your conventions, seminars, meetings, groups or clubs for a presentation about my trips Watching Parrots and other Birds in the Wild.

I have been asked to do a blog for the World Parrot Trust on their website. Through this blog my intention is to try to relay to you some of the highlights of my many trips and if it inspires you to want to travel with me then you are quite welcome – you will not be disappointed.



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